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International Students

Admissions International

Since 2003, Academy of Holy Angels has welcomed international students from all around the world. Just as the number of international students has grown, so too have our support services to make overseas study an outstanding and life changing experience as students prepare for university studies.

As part of our long term vision, and as a way of providing the best university preparatory programs for all students, AHA is committed to increasing the enrollment of international students.

Home Stay, host family opportunities for international students

An important element of every international student’s experience in the US is where that student will live. AHA international students working with an agency may live with “home stay” families in the nearby community.  Many times, students live with relatives in the metro area.  AHA cannot guarantee a home stay placement therefore the responsibility rests with the student and/or their agents or their local coordinators to find a suitable home stay arrangement. AHA does not have a dormitory.

Interested in attending AHA? Here are the steps to get your started.

The first step in applying to Holy Angels is to review our enrollment requirements below:

Documentation Required. (Students will not be reviewed for acceptance until all required documents and scheduled virtual interview(s) have been received and conducted.

  • Two Teacher Recommendation Forms (forms are found in the online checklist).
  • Release of Academic Information Form. (forms are found in the online checklist).
  • Testing and Transcript materials for the last 3 school years.
  • A list of books or novels the student has read in English.
  • A 400 Word essay on why you have chosen AHA and how it will benefit your education plans or three English writing samples done for school assignments, 500 words or more each.
  • Recommended TOEFL Jr. Score of 750 (submit original score report).
  • Recommended TOEFL score of 500 (submit score report).
  • Recommended SSAT score of 640 (submit score report).
  • Conduct a virtual interview with the Director of Admissions.
  • Provide medical records including a physical examination and complete immunization records, both in English.
  • Description of your housing arrangements, including names and relationship(s) to student, addresses, and transportation plan to and from AHA.
  • Your I-20 requirements from Holy Angels.
  • Copy of the picture page of your current passport.

Your age may not exceed 19 years at time of graduation.

The second step is to create an account and complete the online application form below. 
**There are no fees until a student has been accepted.  

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Please contact Dan Keller, Director of Admissions, for specifics about tuition, fees, and other questions.

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Dan Keller
Director of Admissions